Project management

Project organisation
This involves drawing up qualitative and quantitative requirements for your project in consultation with the client and putting together a planning team in line with your needs. Given the increasing complexity of the technical, functional and planning issues involved in each project and ever greater pressure on costs, it is vital to ensure that the right people are chosen to make up this team.
Our role is also to define the tasks to be performed by all those involved in the project and to establish clear cut-off points for the services they provide.

To ensure that your project aims are accomplished in line with your financial, functional and design specifications, we monitor, coordinate and manage the different parties involved and their compliance with contractual obligations. In this way, we can avoid errors at the planning stage feeding into the construction process that might otherwise lead to defective results or higher costs through delays in rectification.

We work out the cost of your project and establish a budget in consultation with you.
At every stage of the project we check the costs actually incurred against anticipated costs and manage all the processes involved so as to remain within budget.

We establish a schedule for the entire project and for the planning and execution stages. This involves setting and monitoring individual deadlines for each party involved. If any of these planning and execution deadlines are not met, we reach agreement on any adjustments that may be required and ensure that appropriate action is taken. We also strive to optimise the processes involved on an ongoing basis.